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Author: Sophia Homi

How to Eat Healthy Thai Food

The Thai cuisine satisfies your palate as well as the olfactory senses with its mix of food and tasty and aromatic spices. The Thai food is increasing in popularity, to focus on the combination of vegetables, herbs and other healthy ingredients in its preparation. Although healthy eating Thai food is easy, it’s because you yourself are cooking at home or dining at a Thai restaurant – there are some methods of food preparation that are unhealthy and should be avoided.   Directions Drink a bowl of soup based broth. Avoid coconut milk-based soups, since a cup of coconut milk...

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Is thai food healthy: Food and Healthy Cooking

Is Thai food healthy? The question that is haunting you for a while and you are not willing to compromise on your health. Not all Thai restaurants around the world offer traditional Thai Food. Instead, the food served is the Modified version of Thai food. Thai food is enhanced and modified to make it look more tempting. Therefore you will find that most Thai restaurants provide fried food items and loaded with fats, sugar, and sodium. In this article, we will explore the basic question “Is Thai food healthy”. You will also learn about healthy Thai foods to eat and...

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How to build Muscles

The key to build muscles is diet and exercise. Without learning you cannot succeed to become a body builder. Body building is science which contains some rules. Diet for Body Builder Protein is very important for muscle building. Eggs, chicken, turkey, cottage cheese are good source of protein. Body builder must include 15-20% of fats, 55-60% of carbs and 25-30% of protein. A body builder should take 1-1.7 grams of protein to every pound in body weight. The quantity of carb should be equal to 3.15 grams to every kg in body weight Point to consider The human body...

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The Ultimate way to fitness

Why is it important to eat vegetables? Vegetables contain some very important nutrients required by our body. Eating fruits and vegetables on regular basis protect us from some chronic diseases. Health and Nutrient Benefits of Vegetables You can protect yourself and your family from heart problems by eating more vegetables and fruits. Vegetables can also protect you from getting cancer. Vegetables and fruits rich in potassium will keep your blood pressure low and protect you from developing kidney stone. Heart diseases and obesity can be avoided by taking fiber rich vegetables and fruits Vitamin A and Vitamin C, folic...

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What to eat before and after the workout?

As we know, we have three main macronutrients namely protein, carbohydrates and fats that give us energy. Protein is responsible for repairing and constructing our tissues. It also helps in growth of muscles. Learn how you can use protein to lose weight. You may also be interested to know what I have learned about carbohydrates However, if any of these taken in excess can affect our body functionality. Workout and Meal Keep two important points in mind – Eat 30-60 minutes before workout. – Eat within 2 hours of workout. Amount of meal to be taken depends on the...

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