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Author: Babur Shahid

Healthy Clean Eating Food List

Clean eating foods are those which are not made in the kitchen. Foods which are natural, limit processed food like fast food. Now a days we see transformed foam of food which is not good for our health which is easily available at grocery stores around you. Natural Foods are the gift from God which are full with nourishment and are good for our physique. Clean foods have the ability to keep each and every part of our body in good state and keep us away from the doctor. You must have heard An apple a day keeps the...

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14 pro weight loss tips which will keep you healthy, smart and fit

  Your Weight-loss Tips of 2015 “Looking Smart” are the two words everyone wants to hear in the coming days of this year. Not only from social media sites containing a plenty of pictures of them, but from each and every platform. To lose weight, stands among various New Year resolutions you usually make at the start. But if you couldn’t reach for the previous year’s goals, you might hesitate about being the victim of a completely revolutionized weight-loss plan again. But this time, don’t get confused about the start up.Don’t be a part of that bandwagon anymore, which...

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Ebola Virus Outbreaks – Symptoms – Transmission – Cure – Causes – Facts

Ebola Virus Info graphic in detail Ebola Virus Spreading: Ebola Virus Outbreak, Where Ebola Virus outbreak from and from which animal. Ebola is Deadly: Then this infographic shows how it damages human’s immune system by effecting Liver, kidney, lungs and other main parts of the body. Also what are the symptoms of Ebola Virus? Patients who get effected by this disease die in 2 to 3 weeks. Fatality rate is 50%. Ebola Transmission: Then you can see how Ebola Virus gets transmitted to other person/human. It does not transmit from water and air except from bodily fluid of infected person. Do not worry if you live in the US your chances of contacting Ebola is very low. Other Dangerous Diseases mentioned. Ebola Virus Cure: There is no such cure found yet. Click Image for Full...

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Top 9 High Calorie Healthy Foods That Accelerate a Healthy Weight Loss

Top 9 High Calorie Healthy Foods That Accelerate a Healthy Weight Loss Do you know that which are those top 9 high calorie healthy food item that are known as best for losing the weight? We all know that now a days losing the weight is becoming one of the most complicated tasks for the men and women because they can’t overlook their favorite food items at any cost. But now there are some healthy food items as well that help out the person in losing the weight perfectly and that too without free from the trouble. Image via shutterstock...

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Shopping for Heart Healthy Foods – Brands on a Budget

Shopping for Heart-Healthy Foods – Brands on a Budget For some of the people finding the healthy food brands is one of the troubling tasks as well. They are not fully aware of the brands that are involved in giving away the excellent first quality and healthy food items. Some of the people think that if you will spend more you will be getting more sum of nutrition but that’s not true at all! It is a fact that heart-healthy food is essential to put off child obesity. There are many popular brands inside the market areas that are...

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