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Author: Babur Shahid

4 Things to Avoid When You Are Tired

4 Things to Avoid When You Are Tired It is seen that this fatigue and tiredness is that kind of feeling that can make us acutely and intensely messy all the time. It can make us tired mentally as well as physically. We have viewed a number of factors like unhealthy lifestyle choices and also your workplace problems, taking stress all the time- all these factors make you tired and an and a drained out person. There are many foods that can give us energy. We can have the foods that are rich in glucose and carbohydrates, fatty acids...

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5 Important Foods For Women’s Health

Here I will mention 5 important and essential foods that protect women from heart disease, lower the risk of chronic and acute conditions like osteoporosis and diabetes. These essential nutrients and foods that have been mentioned below will also protect her from breast cancer and high blood pressure. It is seen that the risk of having health problems like heart disease and stroke increases when the woman’s body do not get these basic foods and nutrients. Oestrogen-deficiency, cause the risk for heart disease, heart attack or it can also be the heart failure. It is high time that all the...

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10 Signs You Are Low On Magnesium

It is seen that magnesium is a mineral that is important and very much vital for all of our bodily processes. It is the fourth most abundant mineral and essential for carrying out 300 reactions in our body. It relieves constipation and also carried out many of the crucial roles in our body. It is chief and important for the functioning of our heart, it is vital for our muscles and kidneys. It is used in balancing other nutrients like calcium and potassium. It reduces the diabetes and also prevents osteoporosis. It balances the blood pressure. At times, there might be a situation when your body starts showing the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. You should make note of these signs and symptoms which will keep you high alert that your body is having less amount of magnesium in it: 1.Anxiety and Stress Deficiency of magnesium causes anxiety in you. It makes you get annoyed and frustrated all the time. 2.Weak and Fragile Bones Studies have shown deficiency of magnesium causes your bones to get weaker and less strong day by day. Your muscles become weak. 3.Low Level of Energy It has been observed in all those individuals who have been facing this deficiency of magnesium; they always and all the time has low level of energy. They remain tired all the time and do not feel active and fresh...

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10 Reason You Should Stop Eating Dairy

You might be wondering and you might have this query into your minds that why dairy products should be ditched and why you should not be consuming them! We have been hearing this story for such a long time from our doctors and mothers that we should be eating the dairy products all the time. Then, why is it so we should ditch them now, right here, some of the reasons that we will tell you and why you should put a full stop to these dairy products! Dairy Products Cause Cancer: It is seen that prostate, breast, and...

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11 best healthy salty snacks

Sometimes we want some salty snacks when we are travelling, watching movies and any time between meals when you feel like you are should be eating. Mostly we get confused and we pick the same snack every time and eat it that is not a good choice. Why not try something different, which is delicious and healthy for your body.   Crispy Kale Chips Kale chips are easy to make. They are crispy, crunchy, salty and spicy (optional). Do try this if you haven’t tried it before. You can try with ketchup or any sauce you like.   Salty...

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